Moving Toward ASW 11

Although we continue to fine tune and add some features to ASW 10, we will spend the remaining months of this year preparing a new Major Upgrade to ASW 11.  Here are some things you should know about this project:

  • ASW 11 is targeted for the first quarter of 2019.
  • ASW 11 will be a FREE upgrade to all DPP and rental customers
  • ASW 11 will be a simple installation on workstations only.  No changes will need to be made to the server.
  • The file for ASW 11 will automatically be uploaded to your server, and it will be easy to follow the instructions included on your own … no call will be necessary.
  • The ASW 11 upgrade will require ASW 10 to be installed.  If you are one of the very few on ASW 9, call right away to have your current system updated to 10.  ALL DATA TRANSFERS without loss.

We want your input.  If you have suggestions for a smoother experience in some areas of the program, or ideas for new elements you want added, PLEASE email with your ideas.  Please send details so we can tie this into our work.  Also, include the contact person, and phone number in the email so we can work with the best person in your organization.

Thanks for being a part of our community.

ASW Updates–Version 10.83.25

While this update contains many modifications there is one major change and one new reporting option.

Payroll Cafeteria Plan

In the past, when creating a deduction in payroll for a Cafeteria Plan, using the code C ( Deduct When ) triggered a process that left some work “undone”.  It did not actually reduce the gross pay figures.  After extensive review of the IRS rules, we have modified how the program handles this data.

Using the C code, any money deducted is actually removed from Gross Pay and then is set aside to pay for the benefit.  All taxes are calculated as if the money had never been earned, and it does not reflect in any of the reports, including the GL.

Please email us if you are trying to get another result.

Parts Utilized Report

We were asked to create a new review of Parts Utilized by a client for a specific range of time.  You will find this on the main Client screen.  This is a popup that can be sent to a printer.  It will combine the same items utilized on multiple dates.

It made sense, so we also created an identical report by Vehicle.  You will find it on the main Vehicle screen.

There are many other refinements, all suggested by our clients.  They will be encountered in the normal course of your work.