Important Notice

On Wednesday we released an update that had a problem with password entry. We fixed the problem, and posted an immediate update to our server, within 15 minutes of first receiving a report. In addition, we responded to everyone who contacted us by going on to their computers remotely and manually installing the new fix.

This was a highly unusual problem for us to encounter, and in fact it has been so long since we’ve experienced such a problem we can’t even remember it. Still, we understand the frustration this can cause when customers are waiting, and we are deeply sorry for overlooking this in our testing.

The immediate fix took away. the hidden password, and allows it to be seen as entered. A new update will be released soon ( and repeatedly tested on this issue ) that will once again mask the entry of the password. At the same time, we will include some new features that should be helpful ( reporting additions ).

Problems like this occur when a member of our core engine development team makes some changes and doesn’t document, or test, their work. Unfortunately, in the software development industry this is happening all too often. For example, twice a year Microsoft releases updates to their Windows operating system, always with some very problematic bugs. This fall, for example, we are already receiving warnings from other software companies ( not related to ASW ) that the Windows 10 updates are deleting data from the computers. ALWAYS BE SURE YOU HAVE DAILY BACKUPS.

Hopefully, you will not encounter any further issues. We do heavily test any changes we make but in cases like this one, something in the internal engine changes that breaks code that has worked for over 20 years. When it’s not documented, it’s a “shot in the dark”.



Update – September 29

You may notice periodic updates that show up on your system. Another will arrive today or tomorrow. We know you are very busy so we don’t interrupt your day with bulletins. However we are here, and we do listen. People love to share refinements and new ideas and that is what we put into those updates. Also, our “core engine” is continually being updated with new capabilities and smoother operations, so we add those.

In our recent invoice, our comments stated that we know many of our clients simply don’t know of the many features and benefits that are available in Auto Shop Writer. We would be happy to offer Zoom sessions that allow you to learn more about your system. These are not classes. They would be fully interactive sessions. You ask, we demonstrate and explain. If you have an interest, please email and we’ll setup the classes.

Finally, sometimes people encounter questions or make mistakes. They might spend hours, or even days, trying to figure out how to solve the problem. That sure can be frustrating, and frankly, we don’t want you to feel that way. So if you run into a problem, PLEASE email, text, or call right away. Help is here, waiting for you, and it’s all included in your DPP membership … so please take advantage. Yes, your communications will even be answered in the evening or on weekends. Often someone will go into the shop on a weekend, encounter a problem, and place the call. It’s so much easier to get help when you need it rather then wait for “normal business hours.” And no, tech support is NOT provided by script readers. You get into “engineering” once your communication is received.

We hope you are all well and that your businesses are handling this difficult time.