WINDOWS 11 Coming Soon – FAQ

Microsoft just announced the release of Windows 11, the newest operating system for your business.  We know this will present lots of questions, so here are some we think will be important for you to know.

What is Windows 11 ?

Actually, Windows 11 is the latest “update” for Windows 10, but with some new features and changes in how it displays some of the main features for the user.  

How much does Windows 11 cost ?

Microsoft will provide the upgrade at no cost to registered Windows 10 users.

Do I need to do the Windows 11 update ?

Updating will be optional, and Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 for another 4 years.  If you buy new computers, they will have Windows 11 pre-installed.

When is this update to be released ?

Microsoft will be starting the rollout on October 5.  Not all computers will receive the update at the same time.

Can my computer run Windows 11?

Some older computers will not be able to install, or use, Windows 11.  There is the possibility of using an external disk to install it on some older computers, but that is unwise since they will not update properly and some features simply won’t work.  Microsoft will have a compatibility tester online that you will be able to run and see if your machine can be updated.

Will I need to buy new computers ?

Absolutely not.  Windows 10 and Windows 11 can work together on the same network.  You will not need to update if you don’t want ( though you may see advantages if you can ), and since most businesses will rotate out computers every 3 years, you can transition older devices out in your normal replacement cycle.

How will Auto Shop Writer handle this ?

Auto Shop Writer will continue to run on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers.  We have already tested it with the development testing copy of Windows 11 and encountered no difficulties.  In addition, we always use the very latest Microsoft programming tools for our builds and that assures the latest compatibility with both Windows 10 and 11.  We are now using the testing release of those tools and ASW builds, and works, perfectly.

Will there be changes in Auto Shop Writer ?

We always study how our clients use Auto Shop Writer, and make continuous updates to improve that experience.  We have now entered the next phase of development, Auto Shop Writer 12, with some powerful new capabilities, while maintaining the familiar interface you have used.  Working with our development partners, we continue to explore options that improve your flexibility while being sure what we offer is practical in the “real world”.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email for a personalized response.


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